I’m so glad you asked!

Welcome, amazing person! I feel so grateful that you are thinking about taking this step in your journey as a parent and a person. Maybe you’re wondering where to start…what to ask…how will this work?  In a one-on-one session, you will experience compassion, guidance, expertise and acceptance.  Together, we will find realistic, loving strategies, that bring more peace to you and your child. Our work together will include many powerful tools such as discussion and problem solving, breath work, and often mantra or affirmations, visualization and relaxation.  In general, your session will be sixty minutes.  Through technology, we are able to meet from all around the world, so Skype, FaceTime and audio are all options!

My clients invariably love that the time they spend with me connects them to their truest selves, where love flows and emotional generosity is offered to Self and others. My approach is intuitive, light and patient, with a deep understanding of what is required for change and transformation. For me, walking alongside you is a tremendous honour…and yes, we’ll laugh sometimes too!

Let’s work together to untangle some of the challenges you’re facing with your children (and yourself!), so that you can build those lasting, meaningful bonds of your dreams.  Reach out…we’ll walk together.